CBSE 11th Standard

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Understand why, not just what.

If you have done your homework, you would have understood what a subject Physics really is!

Physics is easy. Really. Just that it shows itself hard for a lot of students. And the reason?

Simple: Lots of students don't learn Physics the way it has to be learnt. Understanding "why", not just "what" of the concepts.


Learn from passionate teachers.

We are not IIT-graduates (although we adore IITs). We are not regular teachers (although we owe our life to them). We are just passionate software engineers and technology specialists who have seent it all working. And Physics is all about understanding how things work.

And are passionate to teach you Physics, having seen it all. Experienced in the technology industry, we bring with us a whole new way of teaching. And, believe us, we love Physics, because it explains the fundamental questions of our nature.

We owe our technology, our electronics, our machines, and every other marvel of engineering and research to Physics. And we want you help you to appreciate and enjoy that. So that you learn and master Physics.

We just don't teach. We mentor.


Love Physics the way it has to be loved. And master it!

So why do we insist you to enrol with us?

What will you learn?

Beat CBSE (11th Standard) with NCERT syllabus

  • Imagining and visualising physical quantities like Velocity, Force, etc. Ways to think and solve difficult problems

  • Motion in straight line and in a plane, Laws of Motion, Work and energy, System of particles, Rotational Motion, Gravitational laws

  • Mechanical properties of solids, fluid mechanics, heat and thermodynamics.

  • Kinetic theory gases, Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves.


Physics (CBSE 11th Standard)

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